Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We're Getting 'Appy in the Library!

Last week the library was invaded by... iPads! I was lucky enough to present at and attend the Computers in Libraries Conference in Washington DC recently where I sat in a wonderful workshop on using iPads in the library. I couldn't wait to get back to work and start implementing some of the ideas I came away with.

One app that I asked to have installed on our iPads is called Felt Board. I introduced the iPads and Felt Board to our youngest students and they just flew with it.  I had them create stories on Feltboard; we then saved their felt board as an image. In our next class, we imported the image into another app called Screenchomp. The kindergartners just had to press the record button and - with absolutely no problem - they recorded their stories! You can hear some of their stories by clicking on Student Work K-2! I am so proud of how easily they mastered this app and even taught me a thing or two!

Meanwhile, in grade 2, I am ramping up my yearly fairy tale unit by having the students record their observations of fairy tale elements in another app called Popplet.  I allowed the students to sit with their iPads and take notes while I read them our first tale, Little Red Riding Hood, using the wonderful collection of fairy tales in Lucy Cousin's book, Yummy.

Popplet Fairy Tale Graphic Organizer

I don't want to give away the secret about what they will do to culminate our unit. For sure they will love using the app I have in mind!

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