Thursday, March 7, 2013

2nd Graders Learn to Be Judges

My 2nd graders are in the midst of the judging process for our annual "Searingcott" Medal contest. This year I decided to have them review books that were actually being considered for the Caldecott. Other years I have chosen different themes, such as "Illustrators that never won a medal". They have their own judging notebooks and have become quite adept at analyzing illustrations and their interplay with text. They are pointing out things like the use of perspective, soft, quiet colors vs. bold and bright ones, and texture. I love it!

One book that they adored was the real Caldecott winner, This is Not My Hat, by Jon Klassen. Students loved the contrast between the illustrations and what the main character was thinking.

They also loved the book, Another Brother, by Matthew Cordell. Looking forward to seeing which books wins!

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